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We are currently building our pipeline of investable opportunities for the next funding round. In doing so, we also seek to learn and iterate our model in response to the characteristics and needs of entreprenuers at the early stage. If you are an early stage entrepreneur, with a scalable business in sub-Saharan Africa, please take a few minutes to fill out this form and join our pipeline.


We are building an entrepreneur portfolio that feeds in our analytics framework to identify the factors that predict entrepreneurial potential across various countries and industries.


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Aber Luo Food Center

“We want to be a leading healthy food provider, in keeping people in good health while embracing the Luo culture.”


Aber Mercilina

Bringo Fresh

“Bringo source affordable fresh produce from farmers, sort it, pack it and delivery it to their clients' door step in quick time.”


David Brian Matsiko

Iscom Tradelink

“Utilizing bio waste for production of briquettes as an alternative to environmentally damaging and unhealthy fuels such as firewood, charcoal and kerosene.”


Charles Kairu

Quick Chapati

“Building a large network of Rolex stalls throughout Kampala.”


Nathan Ssenyodo

Agrileadership Academy

“Building an academy that helps develop and empower the next generation of highly innovative, skilled and transformational agricultural entrepreneurs across sub-Saharan Africa.”


Ignatius Ahumuza

Real Green Gold

“Real Green Gold produces, purchases and sells bananas in organic quality and a variety of types.”


Pacifique Nemeyimana

Kazi Tech

“We aim to eliminate missed business opportunities for Kenya's entrepreneurs.”


Annabel Angwenyi

Caplora Academy

“Caplora provides STEM learning programs for schools packaged in design thinking approaches. They back that by building their own interactive learning platform. ”


Paul Oluoch

Justev Building Systems

“On the way to create eco-friendly building materials and undertake both small and large scale construction projects, making the process affordable for everyone to own a house.”


Justine Owere


“Production of organic fertilizer from domestic solid waste to reduce landfills and provide farmers with quality fertilizer to enhance their harvests.”


Benoit Musabyimana

Aliac Group

“Aliac Group is adding value to wild nutritional fruits by making juices out of them - the tamarinde juice for starting off.”


Abdallah Kigozi

Sanit Wing

“Making affordable cosmetic products from avocado oil for healthy skins.”


Alexandre Nshimiyimana


"Swapafrica is a platform for people to exchange whatever they have in abundance for what they currently need."


Vicent Nemeyimana

GCU Safe Highway

“Providing safe and affordable public transport on the most busy routes around Kampala.”


Philip Wakadala

Madraam Engineers

“Developing a mobile solar powered cold-room technology that gives farmers a 24h preservation shelf-life for about 3 months sufficient for them to establish potential markets, hence stabilizing their incomes.”


Johnan Ahairwe

San Coffee

“Bringing the coffee value chain to Rwanda and produce locally grown and roasted coffee.”


Christian Nsabemungu

Freida Foods

“Providing fortified, nutritious, affordable, easy-to-assimillate foods targeting the urban poor populations of Kenya.”


Faith Obange


“Nigeria's 1st Vegan food company – brings a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle to Nigeria through plant-based food.”


Hakeem Jimo

Ava Juliet

“Create and capture value by offering better-told and produced films at the same price as the poorly produced ones. These films entertain, engage, excite, educate and inspire audiences.”


Nathan Magoola

Glo Inventions

“Connecting everyone to the internet with hotspots build in rural regions.”


Gloria Apio Gladys

Palmoil Honey

“Enhancing the production of sustainable palm oil for cooking with permaculture farming methods.”


Deborah Munyekenye


“VMG builds small home gardening appliances to enable the urban population to grow their own food.”


Paul Matovu

G5 Sky Growth

“Producing the first of its kind instant Rwandan coffee in close collaboration with smallholder farmers to bring the whole value chain to Rwanda.”


Henri Carl Nsabyumukiza

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We are currently building our pipeline of investable opportunities for the next funding round.

We are currently building our pipeline of investable opportunities
for the next funding round.