Revolutionizing access to
SEED funding

Uncap makes seed funding accessible to every good entrepreneur.

With our data-driven solution we enable investing in Africa's bottom up growth.

Why we work on this

Africa is the next growth market, but perceived risks, lack of infrastructure and human biases limit funding opportunities.


of the fastest growing economies in the world are African


of Africa's working age population are starting new businesses


of early-stage enterprises are financially underserved


of VC funding in East Africa still goes to expats

Entrepreneur focus

In a high-risk environment full of unknowns we are doubling down on the founder as a make-or-break factor.


We ditch the coffee chats and pitch meetings for a complete remote process to reduce costs and accelerate the funding process.


We use hundreds of datapoints on psychometrics, human behavior, market data as well as company performance to de-bias decision-making.  

A solution that creates trust in a dynamic market

We build a data-driven digital solution that allows to scale our approach to make funding accessible to thousands of entrepreneurs.


We conduct hands-off, data-based pre-screenings to assess the entrepreneurial potential without bringing our own biases to the table. This pre-screening is based on predictive analytics of entrepreneurial success derived from correlations between personality/skills tests and non-financial/financial performance metrics.


We provide funding through a mezzanine capital approach. From an entrepreneur's perspective, this is aligned with their business performance. From an investor's perspective, returns are independent of liquidity events, while still retaining some upside potential.


We encourage independance and self-reliance. Our automated investment management creates actionable intelligence feeding our overall process and provides valueable insights that inform entrepreneurs on how they perform within their business environment.

"Every good entrepreneur deserves an equal chance to access funding, no matter their location, gender or educational background. We are ages away from achieving this and traditional investment methods are not scalable, fast or cost-efficient enough to do so – we don’t have 50 years to handselect every good entrepreneur. It is time to re-think how we invest and technology will be the main driver."

Franziska Reh, CEO and Co-Founder at Uncap
in "How Digital Solutions May Enhance Social Financing" by Siemens Foundation

What we have done so far

We are building an entrepreneur portfolio that feeds in our analytics framework to identify the factors that predict entrepreneurial potential across various countries and industries.


data points on over 200 applicants


active investments




business sectors

Entrepreneur spotlight

We are Hiring.

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