potential is global,

but opportunity is not. We aim to change that.


of Africa's working age population are starting new businesses

Our vision is to give every good early-stage entrepreneur a chance to access funding, no matter their gender, educational background or location. Through our funding and growth platform, we are able to provide early-stage funding to thousands of entrepreneurs, unbiased and low-cost.

We are creating a new approach to funding early-stage entrepreneurs, using a remote, data-driven, and largely automated investment selection process. Our solution measures entrepreneurial potential through a series of tests that evaluates skills & behaviors correlated with entrepreneurial success. We conduct our evaluation and due diligence remotely then invest in successful applicants through a standardized revenue-sharing model. This highly automated approach allows us to provide funding to thousands of entrepreneurs.


of early-stage enterprises are financially underserved


of VC funding in East Africa still goes to expats

Funding is one of the main barriers to equal opportunity. Access to funding is not only unequally distributed but also highly biased. The economic unattractiveness and limitations to scale of small ticket sizes further hamper the access to funding. This strips whole regions off the catalytic effect entrepreneurship can have on innovation, socio-economic development and job creation.

Entrepreneurial potential is global, but opportunity is not.
We aim to change that.

Our team

Elias has an academic background in Environmental Engineering. He has worked in strategy consulting on topics around Sustainability with a focus on Analytics. Elias believes in the power of people working together across borders to solve the global challenges of our time.

Elias Steiner

Product Lead

Esther has developed a track record in the region’s investment & SME sector development by being an active champion for entrepreneurial access, a fervent supporter of business leaders and a builder of the entrepreneurial ecosystem with 10+ years of experience spanning across East Africa.

Esther Ndeti

Investment Principal

Franziska has a background in finance, sustainable development and circular economy through her work at Deutsche Bank, strategy consulting and the World Economic Forum. She is a passionate believer in equal opportunities, and ultimately justice - the inspiration to found Uncap.

Franziska Reh

Co-Founder, CEO

Iyke decided to build technology products immediately after his degree in electrical engineering. With a passion for entrepreneurship in Africa, Iyke spent years building technology that supports African entrepreneurs in finance and e-commerce. Iyke believes technology will play a key role in achieving Africa's strategic goals.

Iyke Owoh

Full-Stack Developer

Johannes is an entrepreneur who founded and built an impact business in Kenya, and gained insights to East-Africa living there for 6 years. He brings deep understanding of strategic and operational management in emerging markets, and has a passion for purpose.

Johannes Willms


Nahashon has over 7 years of experience in the financial services sector in Sub-Saharan Africa primarily in investment management. He entered the industry as an investment analyst before pursuing his passion for venture building, supporting start-ups, and MSMEs to develop, grow and sustain their operations.

Nahashon Karumbo

Investment Associate

Réka is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Economics at Stanford University specializing in development economics and econometrics with expertise in data analysis and a familiarity with various machine learning techniques.

Réka Zempleni

Scientific Advisor

Renate has a background in Economics and Finance with experience in advisory and investments for Start-ups and SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa. She is passionate about bridging the economic divide and enhancing social equality.

Renate Njuguna

Investment Analyst

Rose is a Full Stack Developer who has a love for clean code and accessible design. She has worked on various projects ranging from startups to mid-sized companies. She is always passionate about building scalable web applications using different languages and frameworks.

Rose Sumba

Full-Stack Developer

Rouven is an entrepreneur with a passion for new software technology. He started his first business while still in highschool and has since founded and created the software platforms for multiple companies in the games industry. He once spent a vacation weeding shrubs in a cheetah compound in Namibia.​

Rouven Malecki


Wambui is an MBA graduate with a focus on marketing and management. She has worked with dynamic brands in Africa and the UK. She is big on impact and working towards meaningful goals.​

Wambui Karebe

Marketing Lead


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