Your entrepreneur
assessment and financing

Manage your entrepreneur interaction in a streamlined, data-driven, and de-biased way

Reduce the time screening applicants

Use our AI enabled screening tests to assess your applicants in the way you want to conduct your screening. Get inspired by a range of personality focused assessments to complement your own analysis.

Run a streamlined Due Diligence with all documentation in one place

Use document verification features in a data room, KYC integration, business verification, and digital contracting to streamline your Due Diligence and reduce your turn around time by a multiple.

Ask your portfolio business for the information that matters, when it matters

Make use of the flexible reporting tool in combination with various accounting tool integrations to make investment management not only easy for you – but also for your portfolio companies.

Use cases


Program Manager

“Uncap’s applicant assessment tool helped us automate our shortlisting by testing for entrepreneurial talent and company fit through a data-driven and de-biased approach. Our selection process now takes less time and we’ve discovered great businesses to work with.”

VC Fund

Investment Director

“Our due diligence process is significantly more efficient thanks to Uncap’s remote, automated tool. We’ve successfully streamlined communication with entrepreneurs and our team now clearly knows what the next step is for every business. We were also able to integrate additional tools which facilitated swift decision-making and compliance.”

SME Lender

Portfolio Manager

“We’ve been able to keep a live overview of performance and generate stakeholder reports with ease. Uncap’s portfolio engine has also helped us regularly send nudges to our portfolio companies making the reporting and reconciliation process run smooth.”

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Quality data for your decisions

Embrace data for smarter decision-making and strip bias from any investment strategy.


Be on top of your deal-flow from screening, through due diligence to investment management. Or just use individual modules.

Individual setup

From using just the quality screening module as part of your set-up to fully migrate your process in the Uncap software - we offer what makes sense to you.

Fast deal flow

Reduce your turn around time by a multiple and use your free headspace for what matters most.


Use the integrated AI enabled assessments to take human bias out of the equation and achieve a more diverse selection.

More than 10,000 businesses have been screened with Uncap


We are happy and proud to have joined forces with Uncap as our preferred partner to manage the large influx of applications of all talents that are determined to join and become founders with Rootical. Their platform helped us to ensure: A fair and unbiased selection process (no favoritism); more in-depth, high-quality assessments and accuracy; as well as less manual and time-consuming work”

Hannes van den Eeckhout
Founder & Director, Rootical

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