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Frequently asked questions

We are investing in people so just bring your full, amazing self. We want to get to know you as a person and as a founder. All questions are pretty straight forward and we are sure you will have no problem answering them. The best thing you can do to prepare is be well rested, relaxed and curious. 

No we don’t. We love investing in a variety of sectors but follow a “do-no-harm” policy. This means we are not investing in companies which create harm for environment and/or society, e.g. businesses related to (but not limited to) tobacco, weapons, or gambling. This also includes companies involved in any human rights violations or severe environmental damage or which engage in unethical and harmful business practices. 

Yes, you are. We strongly believe that “teamwork makes the dream work”, especially in the early stages of your business, but trust you to make your own decisions when it comes to choosing a co-founder or team member. 

For this application round we will be investing in businesses from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Nigeria but aim to onboard many more countries in the future. 

As we are following a cohort-based model, where we are making many investments at the same time, we are only informing successful applicants to this cohort at the end of the full application phase. We are anticipating the following timeline:

– Early August: Applications open

– 30th of September: Applications close

– 1st of November: Applicants are informed about the investment decision

– 15th of November: Applicants accept or decline the offer 

– 15th of December: Documents are signed, KYC is done

– End of December/Early January: Investments are paid out 

This is the first time we are rolling out a cohort in this dimension so please be patient with us if it comes to minor delays. 

In a revenue-based financing model you are sharing a percentage of your revenues, usually between 2-10%, with your investor to pay-back an investment or loan. In our model we become shareholders in your company by buying a minority stake, which you buy-back based on the growth of your revenues. We want you to be in the driver seat when it comes to how you run and scale your business. That means we are not getting involved in any daily decisions and leave you room to grow at your own pace.

Flexible Repurchasing

Our investment model keeps your repurchasing flexible.

You only repurchase when you generate revenues based on a fixed monthly rate.

If your revenues pick up, so does your repurchasing. If your revenues slow, so does your repurchasing.

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