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There is only one main application with several steps to fill in, before entrepreneurs are selected for an investment offer. This should take about 4-8 hours depending on how well-kept your financials are and on how fast you would like to go through the process.
After the application deadline and a two-week scoring phase, we make a decision on initial investment offers that are contingent to additional requirements. We will conduct a more in depth due diligence on your business. Same as for the initial process, the more structured your business operates, the easier it will be for you to provide the required information. We will do our best to complete this process together with you within a month.

To be eligible for funding, you must have an existing product or service in the market, and have generated consistent revenues over 12 months from an established customer base – at least 10,000 EUR. Your business should be a registered limited company in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, or Nigeria with well-kept records of accounts, permits & licenses allowing you to operate.

We only accept applications for funding through our platform during the relevant period. You will always find the relevant dates on our home page. You can also stay connected through our social media pages for any useful information you might need for the application process.

We offer investments using a redeemable revenue-based financing model involving equity. We do NOT offer grants.

Uncap invests through revenue-based financing (RBF) model. This means Uncap buys a minority stake (usually around 10%) in your business through the investment. You then buy your equity back at an agreed price depending on the growth projection of the company, (about 5-7% of monthly revenues)..

Uncap invests across all industries within our do-no-harm principle. This means we are not investing in companies which create harm for the environment and/or society, e.g., businesses related to (but not limited to) tobacco, weapons, or gambling. This also includes companies involved in any human rights violations or severe environmental damage or which engage in unethical and harmful business practices.

This is a member of the executive team who played a role in founding the company. They are a core part of the leadership team and share responsibilities with the main founder. Yes, you are required to add them to your application as we are evaluating your potential as a founding team.

In a revenue-based financing model you are sharing a percentage of your revenues, usually between 2-10%, with your investor to pay-back an investment or loan. In our model we become shareholders in your company by buying a minority stake, which you buy-back based on the growth of your revenues. We want you to be in the driver seat when it comes to how you run and scale your business. That means we are not getting involved in any daily decisions and leave you room to grow at your own pace.

We recommend checking out our YouTube Channel where we have a variety of videos that will be of great help.

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