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We are unfortunately not accepting idea stage applications at this time.

We do not offer grants. We offer revenue-based financing targeted at post-revenue businesses.

Unfortunately we cannot consider businesses below this at the moment. We encourage you to apply for future rounds.

We offer revenue-based financing targeted at post-revenue businesses that fall within our do-no-harm principle.

Revenue-based financing is a flexible funding option that allows capital providers to receive repayments as a portion of the business revenue. This allows capital seekers to make payments based on business performance rather than a fixed repayment structure.

Based on the applicant’s ability to provide all the necessary information the process from application to disbursement will take a minimum of 90 Days.

At this time, we cannot consider businesses outside of the criteria. We encourage you to apply for future rounds.

These are people directly and indirectly involved in the business as drivers of the strategic growth of the business. Often this will include the senior leadership and management team.

Our application process is phased and requires different documentation at different stages. These are some of the documents we recommend having on hand for the first phase:
– Certificate of Incorporation / Registration of business documentation
– Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, Company Bylaws
– Lease and/or Rental records for the business
– Audited Financial Statements from the last two years

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